It’s been three years since I bought the first DSLR 400D. All this time she gloriously served me and I am sure, will serve a new owner for a long time. What has changed in three years, how far have technologies gone? This and try to consider.

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Why the choice fell on the Canon 550D, the answer is simple. Canon 7D for me to take no meaning, since the 550D in no way inferior and minor differences are not worth the money. Canon 5D Mark II is simply expensive (the price for the full format of the matrix). In my opinion, it is better to spend money on good optics. Well, there’s no point in buying it for amateur use.

Although, as it was, everything depends on financial issues. There is one more reason, I did not meet the tasks that would put the dead end 400D. After all, theoretically and practically you can take pictures on a bucket (pinhole), in the literal sense. To create something worthwhile much is not necessary, just a gift from the photographer.

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Pleasant appearance of the case, at hand a rubberized base, which makes it easier and more convenient to hold heavy lenses. In particular, my SIGMA 24-70mm f / 2.8 Macro. The very shape of the camera has become more rounded, and the plastic is matte.

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Immediately strikes a larger compared to the 400D screen. There has always been a problem to make out what the photo will look like on the monitor. On the old camera I had a protective glass on the screen. Now I bought and installed a film (China 19 UAH.), Which was intended for a touch mobile phone. The fact is that special protective glasses for cameras significantly degrade, obscure the image and are more expensive.

The new arrangement of buttons is normal, there is no inconvenience with this, it’s a matter of habit. The function of quick access to settings of camera parameters is added. This is more convenient than navigating through the menus in the search for settings. A button is displayed on the ISO.

Not very convenient, in my opinion, the battery cover is opened. The 400D was much more convenient to discover than from itself, as in 550D. The fasteners of the lid are plastic, unlike the metal ones with a bolt. The cover is easily removed, which allows you to connect an additional handle without tools and, if necessary, quickly turn it off.

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